Web 2.0 Musings

A way to end spam forever

Spammers are tirelessly creative in new ways that never cease to amaze, constantly seeking out new ways to penetrate the inner sanctum of my inbox. The fact that i’ve gone to great lengths to prevent them doing so appears to be beyond them. They have some kind of warped belief that despite my refusal up till now to even listen to their pitch to give me a bigger dick, that one day I may just relent, ground down under their constant pressure, awakened and insecure and ready to try anything for an extra inch. So they toil to overcome my spam filters to my constant irritation.

There is a way to end spam forever, to rid the world of junk mail, both real and virtual. Likewise it is possible to eradicate cold calling on Sunday afternoons.

It is very simple.

The fact that spammers exist is in the response to the fact that some fool is encouraging them by actually visiting the sites that they advertise. It is the same with Junk mail and Cold Calls, some fool responds. So somehow we need to persuade these fools that for the good of mankind you should NEVER respond to any spam or site links or junk mail or buy anything from a cold caller at the weekend (or preferably ever, i’m exhibiting a moderation of tolerance here). Only by universally adopting this pattern of behavior can we rid ourselves of this modern disease.

A step up is to proactively penalise all forms of such marketing with a public blacklist, any sites behaving in such a way will be boycotted and not benefit from my custom ever as a result of their crime of irritation.

Please feel free to spread this little meme, then maybe by this small social change the world will be a marginally less irritating place.


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