Jay's Lexicon


The books we read influence our thoughts and ideas, they create our historical view and also with respect to science fiction our view of what the future will hold.

These are containers for memes (Dawkins idea virus’s) that can perpetuate and take hold in the mind of the reader.

Given the power of books and the written word to both inform (or disinform) and inspire (or create despair), and to both shape our view of how society is, how society was and how it should be, a futurescript is ideology in written form.

If we can all agree on what societies futurescript should look like – ie. what kind of world do we desire to live in. From there is it possible to write how we will get there and create our own road map for a better world?

In order for a futurescript to work effectively, we need to begin with the basics, what really matters? We need to put aside bigotry, hatred and past prejudices. A peaceful world should be everybody’s priority. For those that put their enemies death above the desire for peace, their script needs rewriting.


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