Jay's Lexicon

Knowledge Distillation

How many books, concepts and ideas can be surmissed far more concisely than they are.

Whilst there is beauty to be found in expanding an argument, and justification and evidence is required. Do we all need to read all the evidence for everything?

We already take so much as read and this process already happens, undertaken by journalists, and also by society as it’s natural course. This should not replace books or the desire to gaze deeper, but allow us to understand the concepts into which we would like to peer more closely, and not live in ignorance of those we wish to understand but lack the time to research.

Imagine if rather than trying to shroud what we know in know in endless verbosity, we tried to distill important concepts into a sentence or paragraph in which the beauty of truth can be recognised. A haiku version of knowledge. As part of this lexicon, this is what I try to do, if two words suffice then I will use no more, so from now if the title serves the purpose you will hopefully draw your own conclusion, an idea forming before you even need to read this. If it doesn’t then write your own and let me know.


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