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What’s shit about facebook

Apart from the dirty and sordid self hate that I feel every time I visit the site. This self loathing that comes from the realisation that you are stalking your friends, or engaging in perpetual exhibitionism shouting “hey guys look at me, i’m crazy, deep, shallow, fun loving, whatever” primarily your generic.

I hate the applications that require you to irritate your friends before you’ve derived any benefit yourself.

I hate the way it causes me to resent my friends for being gullible idiots and passing on ridiculous stories, or worse still knee jerk comments that are ill conceived requesting my support for some stupid fucking tabloid campaign. If you forward this letter you’ll receive good luck, cash, karma, if you don’t you’ll die – didn’t you learn this with email last time round you moron! As for time traveling testimonials – I sent this on and within ten days of sending it I ended up in a threesome with Scarlet Johansen, and the bionic women – hang on fool, how did you manage to travel back in time to put this on the mail you’d already sent. Idiocrat!

Anyway I digress.

What I really object to is the fact that here lies the potential for a powerful tool. One that empowers people to share, thoughts, ideas, passions and identify a connection with one another. Yet it falls short, sharing is still difficult and complicated, with too many links in the chain. We are either open or closed, ie. you can either see my profile or you cant, and when you can’t see it what have you got – a name and a photo, well that motivates me to get in touch. Facebook has reached critical mass, and will continue to grow, however virtue of numbers doesn’t make it good, merely the most popular means of interaction.

For these reasons and more, I am building EveryMe, a new way to connect.


3 thoughts on “What’s shit about facebook”

  1. I agree with your observations – but I think that in order to have that wide-ranging appeal that facebook enjoys, you need to allow people to be gullible, shortsighted and gossip-oriented – that just seems to be what humanity is. I’m interested in how your EveryMe idea will be different.


  2. Hi Paul

    I think facebooks “wide ranging appeal” comes not from what you have alluded to, but merely the “social gravity” it has generated. People are attracted to people, individuals find the crowd.

    In terms of how EveryMe will be different, hopefully i’ll be able to take the opportunity to discuss with you at BarCamp Sheffield. I don’t however intend to limit or restrict peoples social nature, only facilitate it in an honest and un manipulative manner.


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