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Tap into the knowledge pool

Chances are your organisation is hierarchical in its format. As a result your organisation is engaging in a process of constant self monitoring and filtering to fit with what your employees perceive as the company line.

Few ideas will make it up the chain, and if they do, the person who had them will have lost the credit (and with it the insight they gave to the idea will have been lost) it will have been diluted and shaped to fit.

Yet within your organisation, there exists a vast resource of intellect, ideas, machines, services, processes, skills, materials, knowledge and ability. This is only the tip of the iceberg that your organisation represents, as it can be further extended through the network of individuals that your employees know directly.

Outside of your organisation this resource is more scattered and even more diverse, those that use your services each have perceptions and ideas that they want to share. Some of these are positive, some negative, but many will empower you to improve your business.

Imagine if you could tap into this vast resource passively and with ease, if every time you embarked on a project you were able to tap into the knowledge and skills of relevance within your organisation and build on what has already been learned.

What happens when you know the relevance of the people around you, when you can see your shared passions and interests. When common ground is discovered and you don’t have to rely on artificial and forced exercises to get to know your colleagues.

EveryMe, can empower your organisation by filtering this infinite resource into streamlined relevant information.


2 thoughts on “Tap into the knowledge pool”

  1. Hi Marshall

    Actually this is a “passive” system rather than experiential. The system provides the relevant connection by virtue of it’s existence.


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