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The internet for designers, an introduction

One day you may compete with amateurs, and consumer collectives. Right now the the internet can give you the power to create and sell with ease.

The old methods of distribution can be ignored, likewise the old methods of production (on some production techniques) are no longer necessary. Therefore the 2 obstacles to creating reality above concept are removed.

Allow me to illustrate, with a practical project – I’ll let you know how I get on and keep you posted on progress.

As a precursor, this new way of working is just coming to fruition – expect more options in the future.

Idea to reality

1. Firstly identify the methods of manufacture that are available to you.

3D Design

Laser cutting – www.ponoko.com
Water cutting – www.bigbluesaw.com
Hard core engineering – http://www.emachineshop.com
3d printing – http://rapidobject.com

For those who want their own rapid prototyping machine, the democratization of knowledge bring you this – http://www.evilmadscientist.com/article.php/candyfab for the ultimate combination of 3D prototyping and candy. Google shows more, but this was the most fun.

Fashion Design

http://www.styleshake.com – Design your own dress

http://studio28couture.com – takes longer to load, but patterns and prints are more interesting.
– Design your own T-Shirt
– Design your own T-shirt
– Design your own T-Shirt

Nb. T-shirts design sites are numerous, I’m not going to go into it anymore café press also do mugs and other custom printed stuff. They’re all primarily just canvasses for graphics.

Typically as ever as mans clothing needs have been ignored in this marketplace.

2. Think of a product and a market

Insert creativity here

By way of an example project I am going to produce a range of beads and buttons on Ponoko. For sale to crafty designer types that want to make their own clothes and necklaces.

3. Produce product – I’d advise knowing what your doing even if the sourcing process has been made easier, especially if using more complex designs.

4. Sell product

There are numerous means to sell your stock. I’d recommend exploring ways in which you can actually sell your product in advance, this will reduce your exposure after your original prototypes.

www.ebay.com – I don’t think I need to tell you about this.
www.etsy.com – will allow you to set up a simple shop for free.
http://www.shopcreator.com/ – set up your own online shop

Local solutions – find a local shop that sells to your market and pitch to them.

Note: at present these ideas are about, thinking small, and revolve around indulging creativity and passion, rather than heaps of cash money. However you might make a few bob for doing what you enjoy, so who cares.

5. Promote product

Send images and links to blogs of relevance, by way of example see below.


Hell you’ve got google, do your own homework now.


2 thoughts on “The internet for designers, an introduction”

  1. Hey,

    Just another website worth including, I noticed you put shopcreator on there.

    kezoon.com – setup a powerful online store for free within minutes.



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