Web 2.0 Musings

Big Mother

I’ve had enough of all this damn choice, I’d like a gentle dictator to allow me to focus on the elements of life I enjoy. All the other bull I can do without.

Who wants to remove the choice for me?

I’ll give you a monthly budget, and my needs. You can tell me what I’ll be eating and wearing to start with and we’ll take it from there.

It’s a new concept in Web 2.0 – I call it Big Mother.

What’s for tea mum?

I don’t mind wiping my bum and tying my shoe laces, but there’s more decisions in life now than I can be bothered with, and pasta, rice or noodles is beginning to irk (let alone all the other choices i’m faced with).

I dream of a society strange as this sounds, where we all decide things for everybody else, it’d make life so much easier, plus the economies of scale would make tea time a real treat.


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