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The Internet for Designers, an update

15 days after placing my order with Ponoko, by uploading an EPS file from Illustrator with the right colours of line and shade – remarkably simple instructions and process on site, I have received my first production run of shaped buttons.

Why shaped buttons? Well there aren’t many in the marketplace at present and with such online resources at present being used by designer makers, I thought I would market to those who are already using the resource. Plus they’re easy to create, and require little imagination and skill.

Will probably try to market the waste from the designs as a hot plate (provided it can stand the heat) or 1 of a set of decorative tiles – watch this space.

Paper backing is a little tricky to remove, but I soaked buttons in water and it was easy to remove. Next time I may outline to give a crisper line around the etched areas.

My only other issue with this process is that it had to be shipped from New Zealand (hardly environmentally sound) and the shipping cost almost as much as the making. I think a franchised system could be in order here.

Anyway, now for stage two, take these photo’s, some online sales resources and blogs and promote my products.buttonslaser cut sheetbuttons


2 thoughts on “The Internet for Designers, an update”

  1. We definitely hear you on the shipping for UK designers. Now that we’ve setup our first US node in San Fran – we can’t wait to get to Europe. Hopefully sooner rather than later 🙂


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