Education 2.0 – Forget the 3 Rs, give them many Qs

When are schools and governments going to savvy up to the fact that the 3 Rs alone just don’t cut it any more. Structured thinking and learning by rote, are flawed thinking patterns that will only serve to restrict our social futures (or kids as they’re also known).

What’s important is that kids learn to question everything, especially the answer that they are given.

Who gave me the answer? Where did they get it from? What benefit could they derive from giving me that answer? Are some of the questions they should ask.

It is essential kids learn that knowledge itself is temporary, fluid and not fixed. It is merely the best that we can offer at present.

Cynical, hell yes! It’s essential that we nurture skepticism in our children, to teach them to merely retain answers will serve no one, and give no advantage in the age of google. It’s the ability to use the information, to understand it’s value that will empower them to make the most of the future world.


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