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Web Improvements

Pondering the world of web improvements, one of the joys is that if you can think of it it already exists. Fantastic as it means I don’t have to wait for the functionality, or if I do I don’t have to wait for as much of it.

So first up – The split browser function.

split_browser-4 by qq0526.tw.

Picture credit qq0526.tw – This guy got abit carried away

Why did I want this?

So I could drag and drop images and text straight into my blog from other web sites and searches.

So I could drag and drop between my files and the web. This will make the creation of offline and online content so much easier.

To illustrate watch my screencast here. (Yes I’m still voice shy, and could’ve launched piclens sooner, didn’t need to right click etc. Still getting used to new processes i’m testing out).

Improvements, these improvements are to this system, not a particular application. They reflect what I would like to be able to do and how i’d like to do it.

Ability to bookmark split screen page collections and format – so that I can easily access the set up created everytime I blog.

Page search linking – it does what I have just illustrated automatically, rather than having to manually search by tag type.

Frames function share – ability to share the functionality I’ve set up.

Ability to run Piclens style function in frame only so I can select without going to overlay.

Web functions that are designed with this kind of use in mind (so I can have picture search, tag search, and blog searches running in one window connected to what i’m writing).

Flickr note (although applies to so many other web pages). Once I know what your site does and how it works, all I want to see and load is the function. In this case the search bar.

If wordpress (or another blog) was good enough and incorporarated these kind of functions. ie. passive picture recommendation based on tags, passive blog recommendation based on tags (prior to blog posting), and tag recommendation, I wouldn’t need to try and cobble all this together.

CC licensing stamp – why can’t we put a cc licence icon at side of image when browsing in piclens so I know what i’m free to use. Then an embed watermark function for ease of assigning credit. More on this later.

Can’t open documents from my laptop in web browser, is there a tool that can do this? Online is my workspace, offline now holds very little. I want to drag and drop easily between the 2. Rather than dragging to a desktop folder and back out again.

Yes I’m demanding, you’ll see more of this in the future.

Tools used: Piclens Plug in -https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/5579

Split Browser Plugin – https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/4287

Google Adwords Keyword tool https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal

Www.flickr.com – be sure to use CC licensed content and attribute content owner


2 thoughts on “Web Improvements”

  1. Hi Jim

    Thanks for the response, did you read the post or just look at the picture. The picture was somewhat ironic.

    If you watched the screencast, or maybe read the text, it is here that I elaborate on use. How is dragging text and images from one side of a window to the other confusing?


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