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The Ideas Diary – How YouTube can turn a profit

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Further to my previous post on Augmented Content, i’d like to follow with an example.

The example in question, could remove some of the many issues of media rights that we presently face, if the right profits share systems can be created.

Augmented Broadcasting

Imagine your watching a film and you see something that interests you, you want to buy it, buy something similar, or simply find out about it. Whilst watching, you point and click on the screen, and if you wish make a note to go with your mark (or you can do this after the film, clip, whatever). After you’ve finished watching, you can return to your tagged items and click through links that will take you to a page where you can buy said item, learn about it, or express interest. Here are the benefits of the system.

  • Spontaneous gratification – find out about something as your interest in it peaks, or at least mark it for later
  • Information Augmentation – It could be that you want to find out more about the director, the location, the concepts being discussed, the ability to ask the question (even if there isn’t yet an answer) creates the opportunity to generate deeper knowledge on a subject.
  • Income streams for creators, mashers, and broadcasters – if link results in purchase or site visit this can be commercialised in a similar means to adwords. Would suggest that profit is shared, between those that produce, those that edit and reuse, and those who provide the service, and those who add links in first place (it’s this structure that will present a challenge).
  • Film can profit from accidental product placement, or simply product use, at home producers can also profit (imagine a clip of you on holiday, links to the destination and results in flight booking).

If you want to go into the mechanics, of how the hell can we do this. Get in touch.


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