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I share a dream

I don’t have a dream, it is not mine to possess.

I share a dream.

This dream is one of collaboration, where public organisations recognise that their goals are more important than the means they use to achieve them. Where they transcend their structures and share knowledge, recognising that it doesn’t matter who achieves the goal, but that the goal is achieved.

I do not serve the individual or the organisation. I pledge my allegiance to the idea.

This idea can be expressed as one word.


Share goals

Share knowledge

Share resource

Share power

Share responsibility

Share ideas

Life is not a zero sum game.

I know many may have a problem with this notion, conditioned as they are. There will be many objections, based on perception and values.

You shall see on this blog, that I no longer keep ideas to myself, I explored that route and it made me unhappy, and very little was achieved. So I make my life a test to this notion, and we will see what happens. I may not become rich, but this is not my goal. My goal is to be happy, to have enough and to share my ideas with the world. So measure the success of this experiment against these goals.

Who’s with the idea? Who’s against it?


2 thoughts on “I share a dream”

  1. Errors.

    You must possess something to share it in the first place.

    Sharing is good and is a key part of the survival instinct. More important though is knowing when to share and when not too. Sharing is sometimes the wrong choice and it makes the world a worse place.


    1. Horland, or should I say Allan.

      You do not need to own something in order to share it, I share the planet and time with your goodself yet I possess neither.


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