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Competition – Design Bar Camp Sheffield Logo


Roll up, Roll up all those who seek kudos and recognition, plus the opportunity to win a copy of Balsamiq, a tool that allows you to create software mockups in minutes.

The brief is to design us a lovely logo, better than one I have created as a place holder. Naturally I will not be on the Judging Panel.

The logo should use the existing barcamp template, which can be found here, but feel free to play with the logo as you desire as long as it is recognisable. Nb. It’s BarCamp Sheffield the t’ is how I chose to define Sheffield, you are free to use/discard as you wish.

For those of you who don’t know what a BarCamp is please see wikipedia link for details

Modified logo should reflect either location – Sheffield, or the core themes of the BarCamp which are Communities and Conversation.

Artwork should submitted in Vector format at 6-8 inches wide

Please email all entries to, please spread the news of this competition and share the information. If you could email us that you intend to enter, we will then keep you updated of project.

Deadline for submissions is Wednesday 22nd October.

Many thanks to:


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