UK Banks Shareholders Meeting

Since we’re now all major shareholders in UK banks, can we hold a shareholders meeting?

Thing’s I’d like to put to the table chiefly surround the banks investment strategy.

I have but 2 requests, one do and one don’t.

Do. Develop a strategy whereby a good portion of our funds are invested in areas local to the account holder, with a further % invested at regional and national levels. If we want our economy to thrive, directly connecting our investment in the banks with our economy will surely encourage the funding and development of local and national businesses, and incentivise us to keep our collective spending closer to home. Furthermore we should be connected to these investments (we’re more likely to promote local businesses if we know how well our fates are intertwined).

Don’t. Invest our money in businesses that deal in arms and abuse human rights.

That’s it for now. Show of hands please.


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