Legal Paralysis

Do too many laws, prevent us from actually doing anything good?

George Monbiot highlights, present alarming police activity and our ever steady progress towards a police state in the name of freedom. http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/georgemonbiot/2009/jun/22/kingsnorth-fit-police-surveillance

However this question isn’t just about the laws and how their being applied, which is indeed of grave concern. But also of how our perception of the many laws of this country can create a pyschological social paralysis that prevents citizens from being citizens and keeps society passive.

There are too many laws in this country, for us to keep track of, yet if we break them ignorance is no excuse. What follows from this, is that people make assumptions about laws and regulations to the point that they feel that they can’t do anything outside of the social norms.

This runs contrary to the governments attempts to give power back to the people. We need to be free to build community, to take positive action.

In this climate where we have to be regulated to do anything, we have become increasingly dependant on the state, and corporate culture to do anything. Given all the talk of citizenship, we need to remove the percieved and real obstacles that prevent positive action and allow people to create a better environment for themselves.

If you make it illegal to do good, by attempting to prevent the bad, isn’t this worse all round? Do we need a law of intent?

By way of example – this would be vandalism, if done without council permission, however it should be done never the less (especially as no council is ever likely to make it happen).

Yesterday on the news there was a piece about a dangerous stretch of road, where many had died. The locals were in uproar for signage, and for prevention measures. Why not allow and encourage them (perhaps even reward them) to sort it out themselves (at least in the short term).


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