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Add a tweet

I’ve seen a few in browser comments systems in my time, however I’ve never really taken to using them. Until now…

What makes different is that it actually fits with my existing practices and behaviours.

Normally when I see a page I like or something that interests me, I want to comment on it and share it, so I tweet about it.

Addatweet allows me to comment on the page itself, but also converts the text and adds the page url automatically (something I often forget to do). This process therefore fits and helps with my normal online behaviours, meaning it’s actually easy for me to adopt.

Additionally my normal tweets are then lost in time and more importantly virtual space (yes they can be retrieved, but not easily). I’ve often wondered who else has linked to the things I have read, who shares the same interests as me, and who has gone before. Potentially addatweet adds a serendipity opportunity to my browsing.

It also allows me to filter conversations by page (and hence discover new conversations, and view existing followers within a better conversational context). Creating a space online dedicated to a specific conversation.

So I regard this as exciting stuff.

There are a few improvements I’d like to see, and also queries raised on the addatweet site.

@reply twitter integration – when I reply on page, i’d like it to automatically add the @reply when it show’s in twitter – this will ensure that I don’t have to return to the page to know that the conversation is being continued.

option on the addatweet hash tag – I appreciate they want it to go viral, however this eats into my already limited character limit

Need for a character count (so I will see where the twitter cut off is), however I like the fact that we can put longer comments here, so maybe just a colour change or showing what would appear in twitter stream. Raised by @simplygrey

Glitch in the threaded replies – i can’t reply to someone who’s replied to me in thread

Additional functional add ons

One of the problems addatweet will have is making people who are unaware of this augmented comment stream is taking place. An add a tweet comments button that displays the number of additional addatweet comments on your blog could help make this transition.

I’m sure there are other issues to be discussed here. Why not add addatweet and leave your comments on this page (or use the comments section if your prefer).


2 thoughts on “Add a tweet”

  1. Additional thoughts migrated from Addatweet


    It would also B nice if U didn’t need 2 use @addatweet add-in 4 comments 2B shown here.


    this could be an awesome tool for collaborating on online workspaces.

    direct mailing option on conversations would be helpful to prevent over pollution of twit stream.

    Authority could maybe related to shared followers, or shared site interests rather than purely number of followers.


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