Laptop Bubbles

Based on a previous conversation with Peter Bihr and being in a space for 6 weeks where I can do pretty much anything . I decided to play with some basic technology for a change.

The supposition is simple. Express what you want to talk about on your laptop. Grant permission for people to talk to you, give them a starting point and see what happens. Use it in your workspace, your coworking space, your public life, wherever and however you please. To do this follow these simple steps:

1. Download the file below.

2. Printout on sticky backed paper (or normal paper and then tape to your laptop)

3. Cutout

4. Write your personal interest tags

5. Stick to the back of your laptop, above your workspace, on your forehead, wherever

6. Be creative.

7. If you fancy posting photo’s to flickr, recording conversations started and using the tag #lbubbles I’d really appreciate it, as it will allow us to track the success of the technology.

Click to download PDF

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