It starts with a bold premise. All change does. Bold, unreasonable, uncompromising.

Information is a human right

I can vouch for that, i’ve been without a laptop for 4 weeks, and I feel intellectually and conversationally crippled. Like someone took away a large part of my mind, my ears and my mouth. But i’ve been able to get access here and there, to access the information I need, and more importantly connect with others who can help me.

But what of those who have no internet, their voice drowned out by those with the power to amplify. Those who we don’t hear because the media (alternative or otherwise) can’t see them. Those who can’t access the information that will allow them to change their own world.

ahumanright.org proposes to change this. It’s ambitious. Audacious, and will not stop. Why? Because it’s born of passion and it is an idea of resonance. What it now requires is that people support it, get behind it and make it happen.

Problems are merely challenges, billions of dollars a small price to pay for something good. Details are being resolved, and will be resolved. What is required is the collective will of the many, and we can make a difference.

So go to the website (all 75 people who read my blog), add your contact details and a name an idea that will change the world ahumanright.org. Oh and promote the fuck out of it.


I’m proud to know these people. Born at ww.palomar5.org


3 thoughts on “ahumanright.org”

  1. I believe the more barriers we break, such as giving all people an access to information…which I believe is a human right as well; the more we will see other challenges we face in the world solved: Poverty, Homelessness, Disease.

    When we expand consciousness to see new possibilities and solutions, we can never go back to the original state…..We are always expanding, forever changing!!

    Giving thanks for Crazy Cats like the crew at Palomar5!!

    Whoever gets on board and financially backs this thing will definitely be getting a Nobel Peace Prize 😉


  2. Fantastic stuff, i hope it takes off.
    not wishing to cool the ardour though, can you change the font colour of the longer messages? they look exciting but I for one can’t read them( I can read the white and blue text easily) . By using black on a dark background, you’re blocking access to information for a large number of dyslexic and/or visually impaired people, hope this is a useful comment as its meant to be.
    Your vision is a wonderful one, make everyone part of it.


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