Changing Reality

Ok, so I’ve said what I do here, but what do I want to do? What am I about, what motivates me, what drives me?

Changing Reality motivates me

What the fuck do I mean by this?

Reality is a construct.

It is a story that we tell ourselves for why we are here and what we can achieve.

Everything is just a story, a story that we tell ourselves, that we tell each other, or others tell about us. These stories make up our image of who we are (both externally and internally) and define what we can achieve, what we believe we can do, and what others believe we can do.

The stories we tell about the world, about society and the world are even more powerful. These collective memes and perceptions define our culture, our limitation and our capabilities. Modern myths restrict us, limit us and constrain our behavior, they shape us and our future.

Presently the media amplifies the stories that we tell ourselves, it affects our collective psyche, it affects our path. But so do the other systems that we accept without question, the stories of “how things are done” of “how we behave”. When we change the stories of what we can do, we change our behavior, and our action according to these beliefs.

I’ve just spent 6 weeks in a Bubble outside of this reality, with different stories for it’s beginning. Stories that said we have the power to change everything (ourselves, our space, our ways of working, our ways of interacting, and the world). I’ve seen the effects of these stories on me and those around me. I feel free. I intend to remain free.

So to free society we need to Change Reality. Creating more spaces where reality can be altered, both temporarily and permanently. Creating technologies and systems that change our behaviors and our interactions.

This is not a task that I do alone, although others may define their motivations differently. I want others to share my freedom, and the freedom experienced by the other P5 participants. So we can all chose our own direction.

The world changes when we ourselves are free to change it.

This freedom is within reach of us all.


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