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Talk to Me Bubbles update

What started as a laptop experiment, is proving to be a great technology for events. Please use the hashtag #lbubbles to add your own stories to the talk to me bubbles experiences.

Talk to me bubbles have now been successfully tested at several conferences and business events including:

Deutsche Telecoms Innovation Day – Will men in suits where stupid looking bubbles expressing their passions – 8/10 said yes.

Vision Summit – We brought 100, we ran out, people started making their own from post-its and masking tape.

Photo: @unfucktheworld (also shows speed dating on the stairs – another conference hacking project)

Palomar 5 Summit – Well we would wouldn’t we_MG_8185 by palomar5.

Photo: Carolin Seeliger

Palomar 5 open day – See below for stories

Photo courtesy of @unfucktheworld

Laptops have been spotted, and people are beginning to be more creative about how to use them. Like this one from the lovely @annalena, Photo: @thewavingcat

V2 Augmented Reality Event – A highlight for me, the technology is being adopted by other events.


For me, I have my own stories.

I’ve heard of people crossing rooms to start conversations with people they would’ve overlooked. I’ve engaged in interesting conversations I wouldn’t have been able to touch upon otherwise. But my favorite experience would have to at the Palomar 5 festival.

After carrying fridges down stairs, MCing the summit, and working far too hard, my back was sore in multiple places. I no longer craved high brow conversation, I just wanted to be silly and to get massages.

So I put “talk to me about giving me a massage on my back”

People didn’t talk they acted.

I got 6 massages and 1 micro massage over the course of the event.

Mostly from other 5vers, but one from a stranger, which led to a conversation about physics (because that’s what her bubble said) that led to a good night 🙂

Communicating your needs effectively works. Whether in be inviting conversation or physical contact, just be careful what you ask for.

Next steps are to start trying them in public. Watch this space.

If you want to use the technology for events, hacking your own reality, or otherwise download the template here

Born of Palomar 5

3 thoughts on “Talk to Me Bubbles update”

  1. Jay,
    I’m so glad you’re continuing these experiments; I’m doing the same in the museum space. I’m finishing a book now and would love to include the image you show in this post from Carolin Seeliger but I can’t find her on Flickr. Can you help so I can work towards getting permission?
    Nina (nina at museumtwo dot com)


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