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The Enablers: Process and Philosophy

The Enablers was one of the many projects explored by Palomar 5. The end goal being communities that would solve their own problems, and reward behaviors that benefitted the community. 

It was primarily developed in collaboration with @magovsky, after a fantastic brainstorming session with @unfucktheworld, and @spreeraum. I’d like you to explore it on a local scale for yourselves.  

The principle is this:

If you show people how what you are doing benefits them, followed by how they can help, you create the opportunity for people to assist you directly with their own resources.

It moves the mindset to solve the problem beyond money.

Money is merely a way to obtain resource, but it is not the only way.

These principles connect people to the projects they are helping more directly, and to see the impact of their action upon their environment. It also allows for things to be done without money, and for people to contribute what they can.

To set up an Enablers project in your area, simply follow this process. Feel free to modify.

Identify a project/s that you would like to Enable. 

Articulate clearly what the project does.

Clearly state what the benefits are to the community.

State what you need to make the project a success in terms of resources and skills. 

Add a method of contact

Present the above in a clear format, put the information where it is easy to access.

The above is deliberately vague to allow you to try it your way. Apply the following question to everything you do.

Is it easy?

Your perspective in answering this should be from the point of view of the person you want to help you.

If your looking for inspiration on how to take this further then you may wish to start with the following formats.

Posters in prominent public places 1 poster per project, with tear off strips (makes it easier for them to contact you.

Notice board with a sign up point against what you can help with

Public events for larger discussion

A local newsletter where each project takes a page (or an insert into a local newsletter that does the same).

It’s obvious, it’s simple and it can make good stuff happen. So try it, and please let us know how you get on.

Born at Palomar 5


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