Getting Real

That’s a lovely idea, but it’s just not how things are is it? People aren’t like that, life isn’t like that.

Oh dear.

Hold me back.

There are many myths that we need to dispel. Our “reality” is based around myths of how people are and how they behave. Some of these myths are based on experience, others based on the media, others based on our collective beliefs. It’s funny that we question how we came to exist more than we question how we exist. People will readily question the existence of god, but they are not so ready to question the existence of money, or that we could be motivated by anything else.

The physical becomes tangible, even if it is only a physical embodiment of a concept. Another idol to worship.

Every myth that we choose to believe shapes our behavior, because that’s how we believe we’re supposed to behave. We see outcomes, results of how our system has shaped us, and then we base our experience of each other as a result of these outcomes. We are all guilty of confirmation bias. Caught in a web of our own collective design.

Those who challenge reality are those who will change it. Reality is merely a construct of our own making, and we can make it however we choose.

One myth is that people are only motivated by money, that it’s the only way in which we can get people to do the hard jobs, the shit jobs, and the jobs that we may frown upon. That money is required to get a job done.

I’d challenge this. I believe that we’re more than this. If we were paid without the need for work, would anybody do anything? Whilst it’s true that some people would sit on their bums , they would get little respect, little comfort, acceptance or social standing (so very little changes in reality).


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