Industries that should definitely not be part of the capitalist system

Capitalism as a whole encourages psychopathic organisational behavior as illustrated very well in “The Business”.

This is not conspiracy only logic.

The economic system dictates behavior, our behavior (due to our understanding of this system) is often driven by money.

Where there is no longer a market, a market needs to be created. There is no interest to remove a market, as it removes your ability to make money. Whether or not this market is socially detrimental is not considered as a factor.

So Military Companies should definitely not be part of this system as it requires them to create the need for war.

Medical companies should not be part of this system as it is not in their interest to find outright cures (worse still is that the imperative for growth requires them to create diseases (mostly psychological warfare in this respect, by defining our human response to a messed up world as a disease).

Lawyers should not be part of the system as they need to create and encourage personal conflict in order to go to court (Which leads to a culture of blame, and absence of responsibility).

The media, surely we should find it bothersome that most of our information about our society is driven by sales, (which leads to sensationalism and promotion of antisocial role models) rather than what we should be informed about, not to mention the compromise and lack of objectivity brought about by advertisers, the political opinions of the editor/investors.

I could go on, but the principle can be applied to a range of fields.  There is very little that has no influence on our collective psyche and behavior. Where money dictates survival and success, and trumps all in our societical mindset, such issues will only continue. We need to re-evaluate all industries that work against our humanity, and make them our tools again, tools that are for us, not to shape us.


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