Taking names at the shop door AKA fuck forms

Imagine walking into a shop, and instead of browsing the goods at leisure you are greeted instead with a request to fill in you address, telephone number, name and date of birth before you could even look at the goods. Imagine if a hair dresser took you through a survey before they cut your hair.

You’d think this odd and most likely walk away and find the services of someone less nosy and intrusive. If you built up a raport you might introduce yourself in return for getting their name as well.

Yet many websites operate on this principle. Insisting on details before you can even browse the goods. Some before you can even understand what the service actually has to offer you.

I understand you have to validate my humanity, but let’s face it you don’t really need my data. It’s just a greedy little habit. Sometimes you need a point of contact, but often not. But you should realise this, if I just want to browse then any obstacle to this increases my chances of turning on my virtual heels and out of the door.

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