Chaordination, and the emergence of the collective will

In February we participated in a modest event at Betahaus sponsored by jovoto who kindly provided a budget of 500 Euros for some food and material costs.

The event fostered a community, and a documentary, as well as numerous products and experimentation, which generated hype, which in turn generated another community. But it didn’t stop there. The collective will to do something bigger, to continue met with opportunity – DMY were interested in fostering a maker community, as were Etsy.com.

DMY offered us 200 sq metres of space (which grew to 300 sq metres), Etsy offered us 2000 Euros for materials (which grew to 3000 Euros). The passionate gathered, motivated by their own unique drivers, ranging from fun, art, community building, a platform, philosophical exploration.

Then the fun really started.

We collaborated with little concensus. But instead a collective understanding of motivations. We empowered one another to do our thing, whilst looking at what we could learn adapt, adopt and share (see parallel collaboration process for one case in point).

The meetings were few. Opting instead for “doings”, building together, sharing knowledge and socialising in shared spaces (palomar 5, and Open Design City), everyone forging their own role around their passions.

There are many stories of emergence, coincidence, and inclusion, for example – when Waag came to visit, they showed us their plans for their stand for the (UN)limited design competition, which will be happening within the space. It bore an uncanny resemblance to Luis’s Turtle (our primary stand structure), the only change required was dimensional.

As one of the glue team chaordinators I’m constantly delighted. I should be stressed, and yet as soon as a challenge arises the network solves. Email’s are responded to before I’ve even considered response, and resources are shared efficiently (managed merely by conversation).

From this events emergence, the passion and the energy, our collective desire for a shared community maker space manifested (a dream we’re discovering many share). Open Design City was born, and quickly created, ahead of time a mere 3 weeks from it’s conception.

So what now? What next?

Next week the DMY Maker Lab takes place between June 9th-13th, at Tempelhof Airport. A starting list of activities can be found here. A starting list of resources can be found here, and a starting list of instigators and activities can be found here (note this doesn’t yet include our latest editions of 1 ton of toy building bricks, and a stone age tool making workshop).

I say starting as this is just the beginning. This space is open, truly in Beta. We are providing the basic structures and starting points for you to engage, to be inspired and to acquire skills. However as a space in Beta, both physically and emotionally, you have the power to help build it, to make it even more awesome with your presence, your passions, desires, materials and skills.

We hope you can join us.

We would like to see this event as a prototype for our own maker space, which we would like to invite you to join. Whilst more modest in it’s resources than the Maker Lab, it will be the people (like the Maker Lab), who manifest it. The Maker Lab shall be an experience of the potential future of ODC. So if you like the event, we hope you’ll support and engage in the next manifestation of our emergent culture.

A note to Journalists: Stop looking for the individual, please tell stories about the collective as to tell the story about the individual you completely miss the real story!

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