The Future of Money Project

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In Fail Safe, a documentary made by Gabriel Shalom about the fail conference. I made some balls out statements about playing a new game, and needing someone to play with. The “game” I was of course referring to, was the existing economic system.

Our subscription to the collective myth of money is all that gives it, it’s value. This indeed is a large part of the problem, when people are continually betting on what they think other people think that money is worth. Therefore the allusion about needing someone to play with was referring to our need for a new collective understanding of value and finance that is not dependent on banks who rely on the creation of debt to create value.

The future of money project is our (Venessa Miemis, Gabriel Shalom, Patrizia Kommerell and I) attempt to document the emergent alternatives to the existing economic system, along with some insights into the history of money. Hopefully in doing so, we can provide the world with some stories not rooted in doom and powerlessness, but inspiring alternatives that will cause some to write a better future.

Please click here to find out more about the project here.

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