Surplus Sufficients: Living to the Excess on the Excess

This future Architype from the Rubbish = Resource Event at ODC last week really resonates with me. I’m now pondering what the infrastructural needs would be for me to make the leap to a Surplus Sustained existence.

The Surplus Sufficient sees waste as just excess resource, something which is Surplus to requirement. They use this waste to sustain their own existence and that of others as a part of a self supporting community. Surplus Sufficiency has it’s roots in the Squatter movement, which occupies surplus and wasted spaces, and also often acquires and reassigns food waste through Volkskuchens. The Surplus Sufficient speciallises in the revaluing, repurposing and reassignment of “Waste”, seeking new ways of adding value, and creating value from the material society percieves as worthless.

The Surplusses at the heart of the Surplus Sufficient system are food, and space. These provide the neccesary energy and room from which larger projects and explorations begin.

Surplus Sufficients create a counter balance to society, creating value from the worthless, and feeding material and information back into the economy.

I’m seriously now contemplating the lifestyle of a surplus sufficient, but I it needs to be a local collective endeavor. Any one else in?

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1 thought on “Surplus Sufficients: Living to the Excess on the Excess”

  1. Great read!

    You should also check out “Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth” by R Buckmister Fuller, if you have not already done so!!

    He was thinking along these lines!! Never really understood why we are so wasteful.


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