People in Beta @ CeBit

I’m really excited to announce that we’re bringing the Culture of Coworking, Making and Start Ups  into the CeBit Global Conference.

That’s right – Bang in the heart of an international business event, will be a Co-working and Co-creation Space.

Our objective is to bring the spirit of Beta (Making, Coworking, Social Business, Start ups, Open Source, etc) to the conference, through actions, discussions, presentations and activities.

We are bringing together interesting people from different backgrounds and fields of experience. Providing them (and you) with spaces to discuss, present, make products, co-work, collaborate, network, or engage with other conference participants through other means.

So far we have:
Networking Breakfasts every morning
Design students designing and making products at the event using our Laser Cutter and Makerbot
Start Up Sessions, with the Sandbox Network
Coworking with Betahaus, Edelstahl and Modul57
Open Space for discussions/presentations
Speed Networking
Hosted talks
Coworking explained
Engaging demo’s from start ups

In addition to this we will be bring our usual spontaneity and respond live to the other activities at the fair and the conference.

If you want in, read the PDF and get in touch.


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