Why take part in Iron Blogger Berlin?

In response to @thornet. For context on Iron Blogger see here.

Distilled Premise: Live in Berlin. Blog once a week. Every week you don’t blog donate 5 euros. Once a month go out with other bloggers. Drink the fund.

My motivations:

1. Beer-sip-lin (apologies for awful pun), I need to write more posts or share more thoughts – actually want to shift to podcasts and screen casts. Hope that counts. The prospect of loosing money or gaining beers is a reasonable motivator.

2. Those I know on the list are interesting people, if they’re going out for a night it’s worth joining. Additional opportunity to extend my social pool in different spheres outside of my usual circles.

3. Read more as well as write more. Iron Blog will help me also draw inspiration from my local scene.

That’s it.


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