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Waste Based Innovation Project

Last year Christophe Valliant and I, had the pleasure of working with students from HFG Karlsruhe developing concepts building on our research project with Fraunhofer ISI, the initial trend outcomes of which can be found here.

For this project students were invited to consider the opportunities presented by so called waste materials, and in doing so also consider the processes, and systems associated with waste creation and disposal, and the life cycle of products in general.
As a part of this project we also invited them to recycle their ideas, by taking the concepts of others and adapting and modifying them to create their own, new outcomes.
The outcomes are diverse, sometimes witty and often provocative. It was a pleasure to see the depth and consideration that the students took in questioning the implications and non product orientated solutions, which falling outside of the course context are still relevant areas for future exploration. In the past with such projects, I have found such exploration creates a new relationship with material, an understanding of the opportunities arising from the discarded, and a new relationship with „waste“. I hope they shall continue to build on and explore these ideas, through further actions, experiments and explorations.
The document of the outcomes can be found here.

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