Living in Beta: The living pod


Initially proposed as a treehouse, I couldn’t yet find any trees ready cut. So for the time being I’ll call it a living pod, to avoid being pilloried by the social equivalent of the trades descriptions act – “but you said…”.

Anyway, the underlying principles of this are to explore whether I can improve my quality of life, whilst simultaneously reducing the space I personally require. This arose from numerous discussions with Chris Doering

The Pod is the size of a queen size bed in length and width, and approx 3m high. It’s Primary function is as a bedroom and private personal space.

Incorporated into the design are:

Clothes drying and storage spaces – combined for convenience (actually functions like a walk in wardrobe).
Bedside table
Paperwork filing space
Wash Basket
Reading Lamp
Occasional object storage – suncream, sunglasses, umbrellas, medicines, etc.
Shoe space
Hangers for daily use – Towels, trousers, jumpers etc.
Recreational tools – climbing gear at present.

Still to be incorporated are personal items – photo’s objects, and things that remind me of places and people.

As you can see from the Photo’s, I still have plenty of space – I now need to decide what to do with this and the rest of the room I’ve now freed up.

The Pod is an ongoing work in progress, right now, whilst not aesthetically beautiful, it represents a functioning prototype in which to sleep. Once I have established that the space suits my physical routines, I will make it again in a more craftsman-like fashion.

Pod is made only from found and recycled materials – admittedly I have an advantage here working at Open Design City, which is a gravitational hub for waste timber. However core design is a second hand bed frame screwed into the wall, you’ll then require some thick beams to serve as legs. Better documentation will follow when I have time (nb. I’m going to operate on a document on request method, no point writing something nobody will read, if 5 people comment they want documentation then I shall create), or someone else comes around to make it.

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