Idea Midwifery 1: The Pocket Whiteboard

I posted a blog on this this sometime ago, but wordpress failed me and deleted the whole thing. But since the idea is now already growing and evolving, breeding and having babies. I’ll be interested to see what happens now when it’s memes are more readily adopted.

Idea Midwifery is designing without ego, it places the role of designer not as “creator” but as the agent of the idea, the hands to bring it into the world and assist with it’s first breaths. Ideas exist in potential, wherever things and thoughts meet. Our role is to help them into the world.

No drawing was involved (for my part) in this design process, only prototyping, testing and reflecting.

The video above tells the story. I can feel already the world is pregnant with relatives – upcycled versions, material improvements, the laser cut hinge requires a couple of extra cut lines. Help it breed.

Big thanks to: Le Van Bo, Stu Childs, Sniject for your serendipitous contributions, and Tom Sporendonk (video) and Kay Strasser (Photo) for your assistance with documentation.

More detailed pics on making your own partially upcycled version below. And Sniject Laser Cut patterns here – nb. you only need the cover part, you may want to add a couple of lines to the hinge, experiment with size etc. there is not as yet a pattern for the polypropylene sheet – but that’s not complicated, and as for double sided sticky tape – if you can’t work that out then maybe you shouldn’t be allowed to use the scissors let alone the laser 😉

Finally anyone who just wants to buy rather than make, fill in form below along with what you would be prepared to pay. Will need to work out a good means of common profit redistribution, and open source production methods, but hey let’s start the discussion here. No promises on provision, but the more interesting the market looks, the more likely we can work out a business model that allows for development, local production, and benefits all contributing parties.


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