Living in Beta: Meta

  1. My life is a prototype, I am a prototype, my room is a prototype, everything in the world is a prototype.This idea appeared to resonate from my talk at re:publica – more applied to the world as a whole. But I feel it warrants more attention and clarification of personal intention.

  2. Kirchberg
    “The world is our toolbox.” – @jaycousins #hacking #rp12
    Fri, May 04 2012 07:29:56
  3. We exist in interesting times, all the tools of the world are just a conversation away – yes conversation – when you look past the enabling tools, this is what really matters.

    What we require is vision. Stories that inspire, with actions and evidence to back it up, to show what realms of possibility exist.

    When we meet with the boundaries of exploration we must prototype. Where successful alternatives discovered – copy, paste and improve.

    Permission must be assumed inherent if we are to progress.

    “It’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission”

    A meme I copied and pasted from:

  4. Changed my outlook on the world and I try and pass it on as frequently as possible. Incidentally if your heading down the Beta Path, consider what memes you have in your mind, and how they affect your life and the world at large.

  5. alextee
    We have to see the world as permissive space! (@jaycousins) Toller Vortrag. Machen machen machen. #rp12
    Fri, May 04 2012 07:29:54
  6. Hacking is easy, you just have to read things – spaces, social interactions, rules, products and electrical equipment, and where you don’t understand – test and experiment.
  7. lilaineurope
    “hacking is not difficult […] you can change the world with a piece of sticky tape” @jaycousins at #rp12
    Fri, May 04 2012 07:27:19
  8. At the Makerplatz we created a pedestrian crossing with a piece of coloured tape.

  9. At transmediale I removed the need for ladies queuing for the toilet, whilst the gents remained empty by taping over the signs. Not all rules make sense, but messages and our literacy of signs and signals provides the information and tools for simple culture hacking. Take an orange vest with you if you feel at risk, but who asks really? No one – in my experience. But back to the stories. My life is a story, when I tell it I want people to be inspired, and to feel empowered. A good life, an accessible life, and a life they can choose to apply parts from. I likewise seek new memes and ideas I can appropriate to improve myself and my living. This story telling is itself a culture hack creating more interesting social interactions, and changing peoples ideas of what is possible.

    So far:
    I have reduced my consumption needs, instead choosing time, freedom and social activity as means of satisfaction.
    I practice project based work (with ample free time for personal projects in between sufficiently paid commercial contracts).
    I only work on what things that interest me – ie. can I meaningfully contribute to the project and does it fit with my Personal API
    I live in a treehouse
    I have a guest room – courtesy of Chris Doering (in exchange for occasional residence)
    I have reshaped my working environment and practice, reducing screen time and allowing me to work outside

    These are just some more personal examples of this experience of Living in Beta, the product of many memes, conversations and ideas. By products of the experiment. On a cultural level I also enjoy a rich life, surrounded by a fascinating community (or network of communities) with whom I regularly collaborate (we bring each other work) and soialise. We have no formal arrangements, collaborating on an adhoc basis, where it is of mutual benefit to us all.

    We’re just getting warmed up

    My goal is to live a life of such quality, yet sustainably, that people can’t help but look and wonder how and what they should take for themselves. Note: Preaching is not my objective, it is not for us to dictate the rules of life, only find examples and live as examples that others wish to adopt.

    To look at living well in every sense of the word. The story should not be one of sacrifice, hardship and suffering, but one of Minimal Footprint Hedonism. A good life.

    I intend to continue to experiment, to share and to find new ways to maximise my pleasure (and that of others) whilst minimising my consumption needs.

    But there is much to explore and play with within this realm.

    Why not join me? Simply copy, paste, reiterate (the world has much to offer) for yourself and Live Beta. If you have any tips of memes worth appropriating feel free to share.


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