Gen Y, Gen Why? Gen WTF?

Once again there’s talk of the generations, the struggle to understand the cultural shifts. With vast generalising brushstrokes millions are judged, nicely clumped together in a simple descriptor that gives some comfort of understanding.

Yes there are trends, yes there are tendencies. But do you really think the so called “entitled” millenials are the same as the civic minded “generation”? Did it never occur to you that maybe the 2 exist side by side, that maybe one is a response to the other? One the product of a society you built, the other a response to it.

There are trends, emerging behaviors of a period of time. Don’t mix this up with “generations”, I’ve had these discussions with my uncle, my mum and my grandma, and many more. The only difference is whether you are in a time of creation and transition in your life – whether you are shaping the culture, challenging the norms. Age is irrelevant, it’s attitude.

The question is whether or not you are a part of the shift, and which shift you are a part of.

Me if you must insist on calling it a generation I’m part of Gen Why? or Gen WTF? I have been since I could think. A generation that’s asking questions, seeking meaning and value in our existence. We should be disillusioned with this fucking mess you’ve left us. This multi-generational clusterfuck of bad ideas, that in no way lead towards a humane and just society. Yet despite this, when I see what many of my friends are doing, listen to the questions they are asking, observe their actions, and behaviors – I actually have hope. It’ll be hard work, and because of the system you’ve given us our work is unlikely to be paid for. We have to reinvent everything, build a parallel system from scratch. You think that’s easy? It’s no simple prospect when we’ve inherited unchecked globally entrenched interests bent on further control – the system demands it. Yet still I have hope.

I know it’s comforting to be afraid, to condemn, and to demonise us. How we live will question what the hell you did with your lives, but time isn’t wasted if you learned something. Every lifestyle is a provocation, you have to accept this and learn with us. So join us in the streets, in the gardens, in the building of communities. Come find out what you missed, or forgot, or let go of. Come share with us your own experiences, and heal this bullshit fictional generational construct designed to keep you afraid and trapped in a dying archaic system that erodes your soul day by day.


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