Why it’s a bad idea to cure death, cure work instead.

So now Google wants to invest in curing death

Hypothetically if we do cure death, who will be able to afford such a cure, and who would be worthy of such longevity?
The rich and the elites would no doubt deem themselves worthy, the poor not even in the running.

The product of a cure for death is dictators that never die, vampire elites growing their power and knowledge forever.

It is bad enough that money, power, networks and the knowledge of how to exploit and manipulate are passed down through the generations, with each becoming more disconnected from the realities of poverty, existing in a sociopathic bubble of disconnection.

Now you want to extend this inequality?

Death is healthy, it is necessary that new growth and evolution may happen.

If you want to extend peoples lives cure Work – that way we can actually enjoy what limited time we have. Curing death is such rich mans fantasy.

If you’re going to think big, great, but do it with a social conscience and an awareness of the resultant global impact.  Cure drudgery, poverty, intolerance, violence. Things worth removing from the world.


4 thoughts on “Why it’s a bad idea to cure death, cure work instead.”

  1. Awesome post again mister! You are one inspiring dude.

    PS curing dead is obviously an illusion of/for mind-orientated big-thinkers

    Tom Laterveer laterveer@gmail.com

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  2. This is a good, well thought out post. Curiously enough there’s very little to be found if you Google, ‘curing death is a bad idea’ – although this is the top result. The idea of a universal cure for death, although probably a fantasy, goes against the very concept of evolution itself, it would be the most unnatural thing humanity has ever done. In addition to the dangers you already pointed out, I’d like to add that the Earth’s population has already reached 7 billion and is growing faster than ever, given the problems of overpopulation we’re already facing, Google simply can’t justify researching the concept of immortality; it’s madness. Greetings from Cornwall.


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