Paper Oppression, Faith, and Freedom

Disclaimer: Many on reading this have skipped “potentially” element in this sentence and assumed I am somehow in some kind of trouble. This is not to my knowledge the case. I am safe and well. It is not a deliberately malicious system that I fear, it’s badly designed systems where abstract data becomes automated and people become criminalised by words attached to their names or even their names themselves. In the future if we continue on this path these are the things we must guard against. It could be that your face resembles that of someone on a watchlist, your name is similar, or your religion, beliefs, facebook links, or whatever data becomes clumsily defined as our “Protectors” expand the net, always addressing the problem at it’s end and never the cause.

In short I am no more under surveillance than you are – we are all vulnerable to incompetent use of powerful tools by those whose job it is to expect the worst from humanity.

First of all I write this to the British and American Government, as you’re own Bureaucratic Systems of Surveillance have potentially put data against my name that could in future be misused or misinterpreted, what with me just converting to Islam, and my writing about Anarchy. In light of your treatment of others in my position, I write this to make my position clear with respect to both ideologies.

For clarity and in summary:

I come in Peace, I live in Peace, I take actions to promote Peace, Peace is the higher power I believe in. Peace can only come through Peaceful means. To do otherwise is like trying to promote silence with a heavy metal concert.

If this threatens you, then you are the biggest security threat the world has ever faced. Detain yourself.

Secondly I write this to the Egyptian Government and every Government who seeks to control a population through it’s bureaucratic procedures as a compliment to it’s more obvious forms of Oppression.

Paper Oppression

Yes I converted to Islam. I am now a “Paper Muslim”. I did this as the Woman I love is also a Muslim on paper. She was defined by birth as a Muslim, however this no longer reflects her beliefs. To marry her I must become a Muslim on paper. When we have children if we wish for them to have Egyptian Nationality (presently up for debate), they will have to be Muslim on Paper.

What right does a State have to prescribe who can marry who?

What right has the State to prescribe a religion to the new born?

Whilst I have met these concessions in order that I can be with the Woman I love, this is merely a practical concession. In our hearts we are already married, but I have had to lie in order to be with her in Egypt, for her not to suffer the judgement of society, and more importantly to appease the legal system that represses lifestyle choices.

For me this is a small concession I have to make, for people attracted to the same sex it is even more complicated. Somehow you and many other Nation States in the world believe that it is your job to decide who can fuck who, and who can be with who. Whether Man can be with Man, Woman with Woman, Muslim with Catholic, Atheist, or Jew (or Jew with Christian, and every other combination that doesn’t fit with your own tiny world view of what is acceptable).

Even if these laws were created by the consensus of public opinion – what right does a collection of minds have to dictate the lifestyles of others?

It’s none of your fucking business.

Through Paper Oppression, Laws and Bureaucratic procedures, you require us to conform at least on Paper to your own beliefs.

But where this Paper Oppression really starts to bite, is where you devalue an entire Gender, that 2 women are required in place of one man for any point of law. That you don’t recognise my wife as an equal, or anyone else of her sex. We even looked for ways to hack this, so as not to completely reinforce your twisted views in the ceremonies and rituals that we begin our life together.

In the end we decided instead to flow and not fight, although we held hands throughout the ceremony, a small concession. But to really fight the paper would be to give credence to this Bullshit.

So we lied, something I also abhor. We lied about Faith (and some other more personal issues which I wont go into here). I bought my wife for a pound (dowry), borrowed from a friend. Then she bought me back.

But my point stands. Neither you or society had any right. Our Love is our business.

We must now invent our own rituals on which we can found our future together, and forget the lies you forced upon us at the beginning of our lives together.


I don’t write the above as a critique of Islam, but as a critique of State. However where anyone prescribes how others should live I take issue.

In the majority of my experiences I have found Muslims to be peaceful, and I find the fact that I should be flagged for being one, regardless of whether I share their faith is a mute point.

To use faith as a tool for identifying Terrorists is just flat out ridiculous. If you want to catch terrorists screen by the following means:

Have they experienced violence (note this violence can take many forms, from direct attacks to “acts of charity” that destroy livelihoods and economies) at the hands of your country?

Have people they care about experienced violence at the hands of your country?

Have they been formerly trained in sociopathic tendencies and methods of manipulation and violence by your country?

Are they insecure, vulnerable and hormonally manipulated young men?

Are they un-Loved, or raised in an un-Loving environment?

Are they hateful?

Have your agents infiltrated their dialogues to provoke them to further violent acts or even assist them?

What are the key causes of Terror, what are the real commonalities? What if this violence is the result of regional and global securities you are continuing to create?

Consider addressing these causes. Consider tracking them. All violence is the result of insecurity. Violent acts make more people insecure.

My encounters with Islam and Christianity in Egypt, have caused me to question Faith. To empathise with the Faithful I must have a Faith of my own.

I have Faith in the prospect of Global Peace. I believe that one day we can all live in Peace, and that this can and will be brought about Peacefully – indeed it is the only way to Peace. Unless we can develop a shared capacity to believe this, there is little point or hope for our fragile existence.

An Irish Catholic girl once reacted to this with. “Are you out of your feckin mind, that’s ridiculous”. It felt good be on the other side of the fence. Defending my Faith. She started to refer to Darwin rather than God as justification. I explained that Survival of the Fittest actually meant at the time Survival of the Best Adapted. Likewise, given that we are actually a composite of organisms collaborating, we are ourselves an adaptation. Society is an adaptation. Our present society is poorly adapted. The best adaptation to our continued existence on this planet, and subsequently others is to live in peace, and in symbiosis with our surrounding environment. Harmony. We must adapt to survive. Still even with Logic, looking at the state of Humanity, belief in a Global Peace requires great Faith.


So to return to those originally addressed in this text. I hope you can see that I come in Peace. When I talk of Anarchy, I talk of Freedom, and an Anarchy based on the goodness that Humans carry within them, not the Angry Anarchy of the Sex Pistols. I am no fan of the systems and structures of Oppression, Surveillance and Inequality. But I see no point to fight them. We’re too busy building something better, I just hope that you will allow us to do so without interference, learn from what we are learning, and observe that Peace comes when people feel secure (emotionally, physically and psychologically).

Perhaps one day you will even consider how you can assist people to be more secure, and undermine terrorism by promoting peace and showing people how to live abundantly. To use your infrastructures to create secure foundations rather than put holes in hearts and nations.

I have faith that you can do this.

Peace be upon you 😉

Jay Cousins


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