So Cory Doctorow just posted about some products that I designed, sourced and distributed years ago.

I then realised, there is nothing that remains of the company website and where to source the products commercially. This was in part due to my need to distance myself from what had become a painful experience – closing a business you built over 7 years feels like a death in the family, I cried, I let go, and I moved on, creating a new story of self as I did so in Berlin – I was Orikaso Boy for 7 years it featured in nearly every conversation I had and it’s death was slow and emotionally stressful.

But now I’ve moved on sufficiently to be proud again of the product itself, I was always in awe of the stories people would tell me, and that my baby had traveled further and higher than I will ever, interacted with more people and even started conversations between strangers. I will never know every story, but it’s a joy to know it’s still out there and bringing a smile to peoples faces.

Likewise the journey these products took me on has shaped my life ever since. My experiments with Chaordination, and Spaces of Exploration came from the realisation that Control had made me a prisoner of my own miniature empire. With the death of the business I was free.

Anyway I digress.

Here’s the products as described by others.

For those who want amounts in the 1000’s rather than the small quantities available at amazon, please contact intro sino in Hong Kong as I believe they still have stock.

The above products were developed over a few days in my room with a scalpel and some PP sheets. Bringing it to a globally distributed business was the big challenge. I’m now working with friends on a new product which is developed in a similar manner, but now the world has changed and I can develop products without being in control. The infrastructures I dreamed of as an inventor, are now in place. It’s possible to profit and be free, and develop products without speculating about how many the world might need, as the world can now tell you in advance.

The only question I had was what did the world really need, and what could in benefit from. The answer has a small impact, but I can’t wait to share it, and see what new stories it creates.

Watch this space.

1 thought on “Orikaso”

  1. I absolutely loved my set! I loved the act of folding the pieces (I’m into crafts and origami) and was pleasantly surprised that they held their shapes, and items inside, amazingly well, and didn’t leak (I thought for sure those cups would leak). The plates were perfect because that lip prevented things rolling off as they would with regular plates sitting on a lap. They were great for travel, picnics, and events. It lasted for years! The one piece I can still find here in my apartment is STILL in great condition! The packet they were stored in wore out (mostly because it got caught in my suitcase zipper a few times) but those dishes lasted, even with the use of sharp metal utensils. Sadly I lost one of my picnic bags a few years ago and most of my pieces were in it. When I tried to replace the After Dinner set (it was so good! little espresso cup, which was also great for small snacks like nuts or chocolates for desert, and it included games to play by the camp fire!), but could find it nowhere. I’ve not been able to find a suitable replacement. I am so sorry your company didn’t work out well for you. You had an awesome product, which I sorely miss. I would like to see what else you come up with, especially along these lines.


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