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An eventful week

I write now in that state of exhaustion and bliss that other dad’s may identify with. 5 Days ago my wife gave birth to Ash Zahra after a heroic 51 hour labor.

Here’s a small rendition of my little world changer.

She’s lovingly rendered, on a baby of mine of a different nature – an idea that I’m helping to bring into the world.

bbook2She’s a portable whiteboard called the Betabook. You can find out more about her and help support her journey into the world here.

She has many ancestors, iterative prototypes, rapidly born who reproduced to bring us to this phase of development. For those interested in the the origins of her kind, you can find a blog post here or watch the video below.

Thanks to everyone for their kind wishes, and love for both my little babies.

Special thanks to Zeinab for bringing our beautiful bright little girl into the world, and KS12 for helping make the Betabook a reality.

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