To attract 21st Century Skills, you need to understand 21st Century Values

So you want a critical thinker at your company. Somebody who can collaborate with others, solve problems and come up with radical new ideas.

You’re wondering how you can attract such talent and work with it.

Here’s the biggest challenge you’re going to face.

21st Century Skills come with 21st Century Values.

That Critical Thinking was forged growing up in a world of Global Warming, Multiple Recessions, Banking Collapses, and Social Injustice.

Somebody who can collaborate with others has empathy, and acutely feels the pain this system is creating. They don’t wish to channel their creativity towards growing things that fundamentally violate our need to satisfy each other and the planet.

To work with us you need to share our values. I suspect you do at your core, but you fear the system you exist within will punish you for change.

Instead you grind daily, afraid to loose your job, your security, your lifestyle. Everyday pouring your energy into a machine that produces nothing but poison dressed up as nutrition. It’s not your fault. You were born into a world where these were the rules of the game. The rules of success. But this has to change.

You’re dependence is killing us all.

We share this dependance to some degree. We pay our taxes which subsidise arms traders and lock up the young for little more than a few puffs on a spliff. Putting them into legalised slave institutions, or training camps for criminals whilst destroying their identity and reducing their chances of legal work.

We all put our energy, our attention, our time, our daily labour into perpetuating the very thing that’s destroying us. We can’t stop. It has us. We suckle on the teat of the Beast.

There are few options that allow us to direct our energy towards something positive. If you are one of those options the talent will flock to you.

We don’t crave money, we crave a future.

A future where we have time to play with our children, where we can cross borders without hindrance. All of us. A future where our Needs are satisfied without damaging the Needs of the Planet, or denying the Needs of others.

I need this. At my core I need this. To know that every time I make a purchase I’m not spewing forth poison into the world or keeping some other human in slavery.

We all have a need to create, to bear fruit. To not spread poisons that destroy our roots.

Your organisation has power, resources, capital, assets. We can see the potential, but how can we Trust you? We’ve seen the spin, we live in an age where rhetoric (not even good rhetoric) appears to be winning over facts and data. To trust you we need you to be vulnerable. To admit your faults and strengths and openly discuss how to address them. Your organisation must be prepared to breed, to change, and even to die if necessary. We must recognise the fear this creates in your organisation — and the conflict this creates, as every employee makes themselves too important to fire. We must find constructive ways for your staff and ultimately your organisation to become obsolete.

So let’s talk about that as a start. Let’s talk honestly about what you value and how it conflicts daily with the needs of the Beast you serve. Let’s talk honestly about how to turn Violators of Need into Symbiotic Synergetic Satisfiers.

Let’s talk honestly about how we build a world in which everybody’s needs and the needs of life and the planet are met. Where what we serve is not the growth of financial resource, but the growth of humanity.

For all of us the change is huge. It’s system wide. I understand that this is terrifying. But is it more terrifying than the future we are building right now? Change is inevitable. Increased insecurity is coming. We don’t know where we’re going or how we are going to get there. But we have no alternative but to try.

I am trying. Many of us are. But if we are to succeed we need to play together, you need to be a part of it.

If you want to work with me, my network and the organisations I work with then get in touch and let’s get Vulnerable and Values focused. Then we can evaluate the Needs and Capital flows of your ecosystem.

Let’s look beyond growing money.

Let’s grow a better life for you, your employees and the whole of humanity.

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