Open Brain: Dahab

Open Brain: Dahab is an open mic night without the mic.

It’s a space for you to come and share your passion and your creations. Whether music, poetry, art, illustration, sculpture, invention, storytelling, activities for others, or anything else you enjoy doing and wish to share with others in 15 minutes or less- we invite you to come and share it with us!

Join us next Monday from 7 -10 pm in our garden, bring drinks and healthy snacks to share, and most importantly bring your passion/support for others to share theirs. Feel free to invite interesting friends.

how to find us: bedouina c2 is right hand Bedouina flat on the beach front in Assala. If you’re coming from the LightHouse direction, it is past Sheikh Salem, right after the MoonHouse.
Jay’s telephone number 01093558439

Open Brain is an open event format running in Berlin, New York, and Colombo. More info can be found at http://www.stagelessarts.com/openbrain

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