I’m a thinker, a doer, a meddler and a tinkerer. I accept nothing as perfect, I question everything.

I join dots, I see the threads and themes and streams of common knowledge. Where they cross I spot ideas, opportunities and relationships.

I’ve tried to clarify what I do here. As for the commonalities in the actions I take, I would describe it as this:

I want to create technologies that advance our humanity, that create the opportunity for more human and socially advanced behaviour. Technologies that socialise, educate, and transform our collective and individual conscious, and empower us to change the world around us.

I use technologies loosely, some technologies are memes (ideas), some are behaviors, some are printed on pieces of paper. Others increasingly complex, but never more so than they need to be (unless part of the objective is the fun of the process).

As to what I can do for you. I can ask questions that you might not have thought to ask. I can apply my hands and mind to whatever I wish, and have a network capable of anything.

The world is our toolbox, what would you like to build with me?

Facebook: Jay Cousins
Twitter: jaycousins
Skype: jaycousins
del.icio.us: jaycousins


7 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hey Jay

    Billy from Edgeryders here.

    You’ve said to email you, but i can’t find your email address, so i’m using this to shout you.

    A friend who is based in Berlin is looking for a hackspace with a lasercutter. Any suggestions?


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