Open Brain: Dahab

Open Brain: Dahab is an open mic night without the mic. It's a space for you to come and share your passion and your creations. Whether music, poetry, art, illustration, sculpture, invention, storytelling, activities for others, or anything else you enjoy doing and wish to share with others in 15 minutes or less- we invite… Continue reading Open Brain: Dahab


To attract 21st Century Skills, you need to understand 21st Century Values

So you want a critical thinker at your company. Somebody who can collaborate with others, solve problems and come up with radical new ideas. You’re wondering how you can attract such talent and work with it. Here’s the biggest challenge you’re going to face. 21st Century Skills come with 21st Century Values. That Critical Thinking… Continue reading To attract 21st Century Skills, you need to understand 21st Century Values


Leading Through the Lens of Love

First of all — hat tip to Umair Haque for his piece on the importance of Love in Leadership — it inspired me to write this post. Umair states.. If your higher purpose to change the world turns you into a bully, heckler, harasser, tyrant — precisely the kind of person that ruins the world — you’ve already failed. I would like to… Continue reading Leading Through the Lens of Love


Review of The Sketchnote Workbook by Mike Rohde

As someone who was looking to develop their drawing skills, I was very excited to get my hands on the Sketchnote Workbook. It has allowed me to up my sketchnoting game considerably. It has proven to be an invaluable tool in developing my visual thinking abilities. Through the exercises I’ve experienced a noticeable improvement in… Continue reading Review of The Sketchnote Workbook by Mike Rohde

Living in Beta

Living in Beta: The Mobile Hexahome

I used to live in a treehouse in Berlin, but now I've got a family. The design brief for a good quality shelter and base for living has changed. The Mobile Hexahome will be our first prototype house, and is still very much a work in progress. If you want to keep up to date,… Continue reading Living in Beta: The Mobile Hexahome


Beyond Fear and Apathy

Whilst I don't live in the UK at present, I still consider it my home. The land of my friends, family, and memories. An island of familiar spaces and faces to which I may one day wish to return. But with every election I feel this familiarity erode. The voice of the nation appears to… Continue reading Beyond Fear and Apathy


What can we make that helps us reduce what we consume and waste?


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An eventful week

https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/betabook/betabook-the-portable-whiteboard-for-the-digital-a I write now in that state of exhaustion and bliss that other dad's may identify with. 5 Days ago my wife gave birth to Ash Zahra after a heroic 51 hour labor. Here's a small rendition of my little world changer. She's lovingly rendered, on a baby of mine of a different nature -… Continue reading An eventful week


Spaces that inspire collaboration and creativity

5 years ago I participated in an event called Palomar5. An event that changed my life. Reflecting on it's impact led me to consider what the common thread has been throughout my diverse projects. Palomar5 created a safe space that enabled participants to explore what projects motivated them. What excited me most about this space… Continue reading Spaces that inspire collaboration and creativity

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Getting high whilst sober – experiments with Placebo “drugs”

I've been fascinated by placebo's for some time now, and how they occupy this boundary space between Science, Witchcraft and Shamanism. Placebo's are as powerful and effective as some drugs when it comes to the treatment of the body (in some cases more effective where no present drug has been found). But what about for… Continue reading Getting high whilst sober – experiments with Placebo “drugs”