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There is a place in Berlin, where Moritzplatz used to be. Makerplatz. A hub for makers. Here there are resources, marketplaces, and infrastructures for people who make things. At Makerplatz you can find materials, both for sale, and for free (“waste”), you can find Laser Cutters, printers for any material including 3D models, you can find giant cameras, gardens, desks with… Continue reading Makerplatz

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Social Technology Rant

A client recently asked me to help them understand "Multichannel Communications" - you can also insert "360 degree campaigns" or various other buzzwords of choice here. Below is my response. Much of it has been delivered before, but the message doesn't seem to be filtering through to industry as a whole (perhaps due to social… Continue reading Social Technology Rant

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The Enablers: Process and Philosophy

The Enablers was one of the many projects explored by Palomar 5. The end goal being communities that would solve their own problems, and reward behaviors that benefitted the community.  It was primarily developed in collaboration with @magovsky, after a fantastic brainstorming session with @unfucktheworld, and @spreeraum. I'd like you to explore it on a local scale… Continue reading The Enablers: Process and Philosophy

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Talk to Me Bubbles update

What started as a laptop experiment, is proving to be a great technology for events. Please use the hashtag #lbubbles to add your own stories to the talk to me bubbles experiences. Talk to me bubbles have now been successfully tested at several conferences and business events including: Deutsche Telecoms Innovation Day - Will men… Continue reading Talk to Me Bubbles update


Conversational Technologies: Tag Cloud Hats

Helping you network, by making you look ridiculous. Last year at Barcamp Sheffield 2.1, I undertook an experiment in icebreaking. The idea was inspired by tag stickers I saw at an SI camp meetup in London. Essentially the idea was to see whether if we could view peoples interests as tags taking shape as thoughts… Continue reading Conversational Technologies: Tag Cloud Hats


Redemption vs Punishment

As a society is it not time we began to re-evaluate our treatment of those who perpetrate crimes within the context of the effect upon society. Whilst the notion of punishment serves as a deterent, the actual act of punishment has a detrimental effect on society. It costs society money to punish, and attaches a… Continue reading Redemption vs Punishment


Random acts of kindness on Twitter

Most of you will already be familiar with the random acts of kindness principle -, a meme which has been in existence since the 1980's (I remember my mum telling me about it in the car on the way to school one morning). There's something beautiful about the simplicity of this meme. I was… Continue reading Random acts of kindness on Twitter

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Popping my Bar Camp cherry

The notion of losing my virginity of anything to a bunch of self professed geeks is pretty horrifying, but terminology aside I just wanted to try and articulate a brief explaination of what a Barcamp is and why anyone should want to attend. I didn't know what to expect from BarCamp London 5, but given… Continue reading Popping my Bar Camp cherry

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Competition – Design Bar Camp Sheffield Logo

Roll up, Roll up all those who seek kudos and recognition, plus the opportunity to win a copy of Balsamiq, a tool that allows you to create software mockups in minutes. The brief is to design us a lovely logo, better than one I have created as a place holder. Naturally I will not be… Continue reading Competition – Design Bar Camp Sheffield Logo