Why it’s a bad idea to cure death, cure work instead.

So now Google wants to invest in curing deathHypothetically if we do cure death, who will be able to afford such a cure, and who would be worthy of such longevity?The rich and the elites would no doubt deem themselves worthy, the poor not even in the running. The product of a cure for death… Continue reading Why it’s a bad idea to cure death, cure work instead.


The myth of the individual, AKA completely missing the point of Palomar 5

I just read another press article, and whilst it expresses coherently some of the great things explored and achieved at Palomar 5, it completely misses the point. It perpetuates the myth of the individual above collective output. What is it about our society that looks for the individual? That looks to place achievement on one… Continue reading The myth of the individual, AKA completely missing the point of Palomar 5


Taking names at the shop door AKA fuck forms

Imagine walking into a shop, and instead of browsing the goods at leisure you are greeted instead with a request to fill in you address, telephone number, name and date of birth before you could even look at the goods. Imagine if a hair dresser took you through a survey before they cut your hair.… Continue reading Taking names at the shop door AKA fuck forms

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Expanding the concept of literacy

Why do we place so much value on reading, writing and arithmetic? We have created a cultural imperialism through our schooling systems that applies focusses our skills and abilities on 2 forms of communication - that which is described in words, and that which is described in numbers. This limits our expressive capabilities, our receptive… Continue reading Expanding the concept of literacy

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Social Technology Rant

A client recently asked me to help them understand "Multichannel Communications" - you can also insert "360 degree campaigns" or various other buzzwords of choice here. Below is my response. Much of it has been delivered before, but the message doesn't seem to be filtering through to industry as a whole (perhaps due to social… Continue reading Social Technology Rant


UK Banks Shareholders Meeting

Since we're now all major shareholders in UK banks, can we hold a shareholders meeting? Thing's I'd like to put to the table chiefly surround the banks investment strategy. I have but 2 requests, one do and one don't. Do. Develop a strategy whereby a good portion of our funds are invested in areas local… Continue reading UK Banks Shareholders Meeting


Capitalism is Anti Social

An obvious statement perhaps, given the opposing views of capitalism and socialism. But we must keep this in mind when assessing the present state of society and how we can affect social change. eg. What good are laws and campaigns when we reward those whose interests it is to circumvent them? The majority of what… Continue reading Capitalism is Anti Social

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Intellectual Property is Theft

In response to Dougald Hines call for articles around the theme COMMONSense. and this has been bubbling under for some time now, so it's time to splurge. Intellectual Property is theft Let us not decieve ourselves any longer, all forms of property and property rights are about control and power. They change the rules of… Continue reading Intellectual Property is Theft


Response – will the internet kill think tanks?

First off why am I writing this on my own blog rather than on the Guardians comment pages? Because they've closed comments. Why? I can only presume it's because they had too many responses, or that they think that the internet is like a newspaper and that after a few days nobody will read the… Continue reading Response – will the internet kill think tanks?