An eventful week I write now in that state of exhaustion and bliss that other dad's may identify with. 5 Days ago my wife gave birth to Ash Zahra after a heroic 51 hour labor. Here's a small rendition of my little world changer. She's lovingly rendered, on a baby of mine of a different nature - … Continue reading An eventful week


Hyperlocal telepresent information streams

I just watched in a bid to get my latest Ted fix, and am very excited by the potential that this technology represents, especially when combined with crowdsourcing. What if people start offering their phones anonymously for specific requests? What if you could visualise the swarm of mobiles available at any given time, at … Continue reading Hyperlocal telepresent information streams

Social Technology Rant

A client recently asked me to help them understand "Multichannel Communications" - you can also insert "360 degree campaigns" or various other buzzwords of choice here. Below is my response. Much of it has been delivered before, but the message doesn't seem to be filtering through to industry as a whole (perhaps due to social … Continue reading Social Technology Rant

The Enablers: Process and Philosophy

The Enablers was one of the many projects explored by Palomar 5. The end goal being communities that would solve their own problems, and reward behaviors that benefitted the community.  It was primarily developed in collaboration with @magovsky, after a fantastic brainstorming session with @unfucktheworld, and @spreeraum. I'd like you to explore it on a local scale … Continue reading The Enablers: Process and Philosophy

Talk to Me Bubbles update

What started as a laptop experiment, is proving to be a great technology for events. Please use the hashtag #lbubbles to add your own stories to the talk to me bubbles experiences. Talk to me bubbles have now been successfully tested at several conferences and business events including: Deutsche Telecoms Innovation Day - Will men … Continue reading Talk to Me Bubbles update

Add a tweet

I've seen a few in browser comments systems in my time, however I've never really taken to using them. Until now... What makes different is that it actually fits with my existing practices and behaviours. Normally when I see a page I like or something that interests me, I want to comment on it … Continue reading Add a tweet

Augmented Content Update

Some time ago I wrote a post on Augmenting content, and elaborated on how it could potentialy change the way we interact with video content, and how it could be used as a means of monetisation for sites such as youtube,through Augmented content use. Firefox 3.5 video augmentation tools make this feasible and doable. I'm … Continue reading Augmented Content Update

Open Calendar Systems: Sharing time

Open calendar systems, seem to me to be a massively underexploited gap in the Web 2.0 marketplace. I have yet to find anything that is remotely good enough, and that fully exploits the opportunities that shared time presents. Sharing time based information creates numerous opportunities and an open calendar with an intuitive UI represents an … Continue reading Open Calendar Systems: Sharing time

A Call to Collaboration Part 1.

As part of my work for, I have identified that an issue faced collectively by Social Enterprises is reaching the "Community". Many groups already exist that "engage with the community", ie. they get together and they do stuff. The organisers of such groups, are exactly the kind of people, we should be helping, and … Continue reading A Call to Collaboration Part 1.