The MakerLab is an Open Source Event format that creates a space where people can share their skills and knowledge. MakerLab events are often bootstrapped and operate in symbiosis with other festivals, conferences and events. You can make your own, click here for more information.

The MakerLab events, have also provided us with a platform for experimentation with new processes for collaborative co-creation (a replacement for management or organisation). Chaordination, Parallel Process, and Planning Parties have all arisen out of attempting to resolve some of the challenges arising from working with large groups.

The most recent MakerLab Event I had the pleasure to Chaordinate was the Makerplatz – over 40 different activities with over 70 collaborators, co-created within 3 parallel festivals in 6 spaces and created in under 3 weeks. This was largely done autonomously, with 2 planning parties and everything else self organised (different groups had their own meetings)



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