I hate meetings. I can’t stand them. Especially huge round table circle jerks where everybody feels they have to say something.

The flip side of this means I’ve developed and explored various techniques to ensure that they don’t feel like meetings or that they end as quickly as possible.

I facilitated the Makerplatz with 1 planning party and 1 verbal run through. How else do you chaordinate 60+ people to do more than 40 events in 2 days? Of course there was the odd coffee and conversation in between, but no meetings. Only collective makings.

I have processes, tools and techniques, I also like to continuously improve and try new ones. I also have insights of collaborative processes born from a 6 week intensive collaboration experiment and tested in multiple public events and spaces.

I prefer the term Enabling to Facilitation or Project Management, but I have to use terms you’re familiar with – I help people find their own meaning and motivation for a project – my goal is autonomous collaboration not management.

I know I’ve done a good job when I have nothing to do, I’m obsolete.





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