Public Speaking

Give me a fifteen minute warning and put me on stage and I can wax lyrical on a range of Topics for 1/2 hour.

Give me a bit more time to prepare and I can explain radical ideas and provocations on everything from the future of technology to society. Stories to shake your perspective and provide you with insights into how the world could be, or where it is leading. Stories from the edge. Stories are what define and change our world. I enjoy telling them

Topics offered include:

The Future of Waste
The Future of Money
Building a Beta World (The cultural relevance of the Open Source Movement and other trends)
How to make a festival in 3 weeks with no budget (Reflections on the Makerplatz)

I’m also happy to put together custom presentations and talks to make my experiences and foresights relevant to your field.

Previous speaking Engagements include:
TED X Kreuzberg 2009
DMY 2010
MC at Palomar 5
Ignite Talk 2010
Pecha Kucha Btween Conference
After Dinner Speaker – Leeds Business Conference


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