Enabling Interesting Projects

The interesting projects principle may sound a little arrogant.

I only work on projects that interest me.

But there is a rationale in the background, and one I believe possesses an integrity I wish to live by. One outcome of this is that you don’t just get commitment, you get passion. Another is that I will tell you up front exactly what I think of your project and what it needs in order to be interesting to me and others.

So what interests me?

I like projects that push the boundaries, that take us into the unknown, that provide opportunities for learning.
I’m motivated to create social and environmental benefit (creative constraints which already make a collaboration more interesting).
I like challenges that others deem impossible, or only possible with stifling structures and huge budgets.

How do I enable?

The world is my toolbox – and yours. I am Super Connected to networks that would not normally meet, I create meeting points, safe spaces and common grounds. I look for mutual benefit, I instigate, prototype, provoke, test and reflect.

Sometimes I enable with a well placed email – I connected Raspberry Pi to RS Electronics – for example.

Others I create the opportunity to find the answer, or a space to explore it together.

Sometimes, my own hands, brain and voice are the agents of engagement, and I enable products to enter the world.

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