Your Man in Berlin

Sometimes you need a man on the ground. Someone who knows the scene and the lay of the land.

Someone who can be comfortable in a range of social environments from Hackerspaces and Squats, to Business Meet-ups and Vernisages. A man who knows where and how to look for what you need.

Someone who can wade in and get stuff done, or identify who the people are for the Job. Everything from a spot of advice to running the whole show.

If Berlin is the place you’re wanting to do it. Then contact me to be Your man in Berlin.


One comment

  1. simone vontobel

    Hey there! We need a Man in Berlin! For Origami Pocketvolets. For X-Mas Presents. Ich arbeite bei extratapete, Du erinnerst dich? Hast du nächsten Dienstag 13:00 Zeit um meiner MItarbeiterin und mir zu zeigen wie die Geldbeutel gemacht werden..? Das wär grossartig! Thanks and see you soon, Gruss Simone Vontobel

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